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Coding Submarine is a software company with a lot of experience of building high quality apps for Jolla Sailfish OS. We build and ship software that feels and works great. We had a popular app in the app store on the day one of its public use. By now we have implemented half a dozen apps for Sailfish OS including the 2nd most popular Sailfish OS app ever (Flashlight) and our apps are the most popular in the Jolla app store (whether you count Likes or Downloads).

Coding Submarine is mostly run by Artem Marchenko, experienced mobile app developer, designer and project manager. Artem is building and managing mobile apps for the last decade from speech synthesis and recognition software for old Nokia’s Symbian platform to managing a team creating a mobile app UI design tool to managing very successful apps for creating interactive images for iOS and Android. Depending on the size and specifics of the project other specialists may be involved.

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