Jolla closing gesture. How to make it better

I am using Jolla hard for about a month by now and that is not my first gesture based device. It has great sides and features that could be improved. One thing that often doesn’t work well for me is the closing apps gesture. My hand is simply not big enough to easily and reliably move thumb from the very top of the device vertically down.

I think gestures in mobile OS control are one of the best things since sliced bread and Jolla continues the Nokia N9 and BlackBerry 10 path very well here. So let’s improve this gesture to make closing apps easier for me and hopefully for your too.

Closing gesture in N9 and Jolla

The idea is simple: You just move your finger from the very top of the device down and the app gets closed (moving your finger in a very vertical way is quite important for the proper gesture detection). I loved this very useful gesture from N9 times and it works just great on Jolla too except.. that Jolla’s screen is noticeably bigger. Big screens are fashionable now, but as a result I cannot comfortably close the apps anymore without stretching the hand or using the second hand. I can reach the corner of a device in an OKay way, but that’s not enough for the precise vertical movement.

There are several ways I hold touch phones when using them single handedly. Here’s how it looks like when I pull phone a little upwards in the palm, probably the maximal stretch I can do without it becoming uncomfortable.

N9 a little top  Jolla a little top

Here are the areas easily and not so easily touchable by my thumb, and how I need to move it in order to close the app or swipe it off to the task manager. As you see, there’s quite some stretching needed for closing the app.

Jolla original closing gesture

More error tolerant gesture detection

So let’s adjust the gesture detection in two ways:

– Let us move the finger along the in a more natural curved way. We will still call it “vertical” in the guide, but will be tolerant to the first few millimeters being not very straight

– Let us be able to start app closing gesture on the side of the phone. If the gesture starts in the top 1-1.5cm of the screen and then continues down as if it was a closing gesture, let’s consider it actually being the closing gesture

Jolla proposed closing gesture

What do you think? Would it help your Jolla usage as well? If yes, go vote for the idea on Jolla’s Together portal.

I was describing the idea in the right handed way for simplicity only. Certainly the same treatment could be applied for the left side of the screen as well for the left handed users.