Hi there

My name is Artem Marchenko. I enjoy building useful mobile apps, particularly cross-platform ones and lately – ones that run on Jolla Sailfish OS. So this web site is to consolidate my thoughts, ideas and marketing on coding and Jolla-related topics. I am building, designing and managing mobile apps for a decade or so from speech recognition and synthesis software for Nokia’s Symbian OS to managing the successful global development and deployment of a mobile UI design tool, to making mobile apps for the private clients to own apps for various platforms and lately for Jolla Sailfish OS, iOS and Android.

I live breath and practice native UI patterns for many platforms including the rare beasts such as BlackBerry 10 OS and I enjoy building the apps that feel as natural and native as it is possible. Sometimes I am speaking and giving workshops at the conferences and gatherings on the topics of Agile software developement and mobiles, naturally I develop apps in a highly iterative manner too.

I also [used to run] AgileSoftwareDevelopment.com, but lately it ran out of control somewhat and quite some spam cleaning and refresh is due there.
While caring about Sailfish I am also making interactive images a reality at ThingLink.

You can shoot me an email at artem.marchenko@gmail.com, follow me on twitter at @AgileArtem or use this contact form. You can also check my LinkedIn profile for the more professional info and references.

Keywords of interest: Qt, QML, QtQuick, Agile, TDD, Mobile,Paragliding, Salsa, Photography


Beautiful apps for Jolla Sailfish OS and beyond