Cute Contacts for iOS

CuteContacts for iOS

CuteContacts is a trial for evaluating how well Qt Quick is fit for quick prototyping iOS apps as of Qt 5.3 (summer 2014).

Idea is that since Qt and Qt Quick code in general runs nowadays on iOS quite fine, you can use QML for quick-prototyping apps even if final app will still be created using more usual for iOS Objective-C or swift.

By now the project is declared completed and I will publish more details on the findings. Feel free to submit more patches or drive the project yourself if you like though.

CuteContacts main view CuteContacts popup menu CuteContacts deletion animation

Quick Summary

No, QML at the moment is not good enough for prototyping iOS apps unless you want to just animate prerendered screenshots and maybe model one-two animations specific to your application.

QML is as good as expected for animating things flying around. Trouble is that iOS UI does have a lot of standard controls and animations and quite big chunk of your time is likely to go into recreating iOS controls behavior + there certainly are some bugs you’ll need to work around.

I might use QML for quick-prototyping own app ideas or within an own company or a close client who will understand that it’s only a tool for fast screenshot animations. If you are not breathing QML just yet, I doubt it will be more efficient for you then Swift, some Javascript-based solution or even custom tools specifically made for page transition animations.

Grab the code and play yourself

Here is the repository on github – Cute Contacts for iOS.
It is published under most permissive license I was able to locate – CC0, so feel free to do with it whatever you wish.

History and more details

More links will be added as I will publish them. If you happen to reuse code or build something similar, please, let me know in comments, I’ll add a link to the list.

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