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Got a great new Jolla phone or tablet that is able to recolor itself in a single tap and looking for the great looking ambiences to try? Or have you crafted an interesting wallpaper to share with the world?

Ambience Store is the solution for sharing both free and paid ambiences with the world, for voting and discovering the most popular ones and the ones your friends like.

Ambience store grid
Ambience store menu

Alpha stage

At the moment project is in the gauging interest phase with a micro-demo app released and a single page website where you can subscribe for the further notifications.

The project life is pending on the in-app purchases release and, well, on whether Jolla company would like to release an ambience store on its own. Check this blog post for the way for supporting the project.

What do you think?

Got questions, feedback, opinions?
Do you find the project idea useful? Would you share your own creations this way or would you looks for the new ones in the store?

Also see the blog post introducing the project.

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