Night Silence for Sailfish OS

App for silencing your phone for the night and turning sounds back on (or to whatever settings your current ambience wants it) in the morning.

What do you think?

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  • Mariusmssj

    That’s brilliant, I’ve been woken up quite a few times by emails and other notifications

    • artemmarchenko

      Mee too 🙂
      Well, the app is under Harbour QA now, so watch the store news, app will be there some time soon.

  • XFR

    Weekday settings would be nice and what events should be quiet.

    • artemmarchenko

      Yeah, XFR, weekday settings could be useful if I figure out the nice way to put it to UI.
      As for set of events to shut up, that’s more difficult. Right now app is just changing whole phone profile same way as if you selected Silence sounds in UI.

      • Hendrcik

        Hi, did you find a way to select the days when the silencer should switch to silent mode? Its working well, but disabling it for the weekend and forgetting to enable it on monday isn’t the nicest way…

        • artemmarchenko

          Sorry, Hendrcik, I wasn’t working much with Jolla lately. Maybe later.

  • Emo

    I have installed it, but it does not work properly …

    • artemmarchenko

      What’s the problem, Emo?
      In general if it looses the schedule (sometimes happens with how app uses the scheduling service) it should help to start app and turn schedule off-on

  • Ville

    Hello can you fix Night silence? It Dosent work with the latest Sailfish
    update. It dosent mute the phone. It has never worked for my. It would be a wonderful app to have! 🙁

    • artemmarchenko

      Sorry, Ville, my Jolla phone is in maintenance right now. And then I think now there is the Situations app that should cover what Night Silence was doing very well. Does it work for you?

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