Quick Launcher for Jolla Sailfish OS

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Got several pages of apps and tired of looking for the one you want to start? Quick Launcher is the solution for finding and starting the app as quick and possible.

Start Quick Launcher, type a letter or two from app name, tap the app icon, that’s it.

Put Quick Launcher to the Home screen apps (top four app icons) and never be further than few taps away from any other app.

Open source

Part of Quick Launcher is free for use. lipstick-launcher monitor is a mininal extraction from Jolla Sailfish (and NemoMobile project) app launcher monitor for listing all the apps installed to your Jolla device. It is licensed under LGPL, so you can use it in your LGPL-compatible projects.


Version 1.1
– Improved app launching ways. Can start Browser too now, also starts apps faster
– Privacy page added to menu telling that no stats are collected yet

Version 1.0
– First release

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